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Crime, Drama, Mystery
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Sidney Lumet


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Martin Balsam as Juror #12
John Fiedler as Juror #12
Lee J. Cobb as Juror #12
E.G. Marshall as Juror #12
Jack Klugman as Juror #12
Edward Binns as Juror #12
Jack Warden as Juror #12
Henry Fonda as Juror #12
Joseph Sweeney as Juror #12
Ed Begley as Juror #12
George Voskovec as Juror #12
Robert Webber as Juror #12
12 Angry Men Storyline: The defense and the prosecution have rested and the jury is filing into the jury room to decide if a young man is guilty or innocent of murdering his father. What begins as an open-and-shut case of murder soon becomes a detective story that presents a succession of clues creating doubt, and a mini-drama of each of the jurors' prejudices and preconceptions about the trial, the accused, and each other. Based on the play, all of the action takes place on the stage of the jury room.
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Leave your prejudices outside the door
One of the finest ensemble pieces of film ever made. 12 jurors debate, argue and sweat it out to decide the guilt or innocence of a teenager accused of murdering his father. This was Sidney Lumet's directorial debut. This film is almost entirely set in one room for 90 or so minutes, as the valiant dozen play cat and mouse with the accused's life. To 11 jurors it's an open and shut case - guilty. The defendant's life lays in the hands of one liberal juror (Henry Fonda). The film meticulously examines the facts of the case, as each juror provides reasons for their decisions. Fonda struggles to convince his fellow jurors that there is room for reasonable doubt, but he's working against dubious priorities and deeply-ingrained prejudices. Within the confines of a hot and angry room Fonda fights his corner, whilst highlighting both his open-minded and fair beliefs with the frailties and failures of his fellow defendants. Although unconvincing in detail, the film is absorbing, and made the more remarkable as it is almost entirely set in one room and yet holds the viewers attention. The acting is magnificent; the 12 actors are essentially the movie. A classic film, not using fancy plots or effects, but the talents of actors. A great piece of film making and one of the best films coming out of the US. Worth watching, if not just for analysing human weaknesses.
Great movie
I remember seeing 12 Angry Men about 10 years ago and really enjoyed it, but I watched it a bit closer last week, and realize what a great movie it really is. I love the movies of the 40's and 50's and I would have to say that 12 Angry Men is up there as one of the best 5 movies of that era for me. There are some many things happening in this movie, that it takes more than one viewing to pick it all up. The camera work is first class, starting off with full view of all 12 jurors, and as the movie progresses and the jurors re-asses their decisions, the camera show the jurors looking straight down the lens, giving the impression they are talking straight to the audience. No names are given till the very end of the movie and then it is only 2 jurors, apart from a quick scene in the courtroom and outside at the end, the rest of the movie is filmed in the jurors room on a hot stinky summers days.

Although not a long movie, the emotional turmoil felt by the jurors is explosive and the audience are drawn into the same gut wrenching feel. I highly recommend this movie.
12 wonderful actors.
(January,2006) I'll start by saying that if there's anyone who rates this film as "hated it",they obviously don't know hard hitting/good drama when they see it. These 12 actors performances are so alive & vital and powerful,it's amazing to think this film didn't win Best Picture that year.

It's also hard to believe that they're all gone now.<---(4/3/2013 Edit)

Henry Fonda gives a simplistic yet very deep performance in the way his character says "not guilty" but wisely does not say,"I know he's not". that would've undermined the whole of his performance.

Lee J. Cobb is fantastic as not just prejudiced like the other older male juror but just angry inside at everything. Especially when Fonda calls him a "sadist". The recently late John Fielder always great as the meek yet outspoken kind. Jack Warden as a guy who'd rather be at the ballgame than having his life interrupted for something he could care less about.

E.G. Marshall gives a quiet yet strong performance as well. A man who is so "sure and certain" about everything. Only to be proved wrong later. The rest are fantastic in their own ways as well. Since most of us here are familiar with the story,I wont go into it but I will say I really love how Henry Fonda finally breaks the last two hold-outs into voting "not guilty".

10 stars because it is just so! Anything less would be a crime.
Simple Formula, Colossal Result
I saw this film for the first time a few months ago and i was automatically annoyed with myself for having not done so long before. To put short, this film is one of the best ever made and rightfully deserves its position on IMDBs top 250 list.

To be honest, there's not a lot that one can comment about the film. There are no special effects, dramatic monologues or defining scenes to discuss and really that's what makes this film the phenomenon that it is. It is quite easy to see where the film is going to go and how it is going to end early on but none of that really matters because excuse the sugary metaphor but it is the journey you embark on with the jurors, in particular Henry Fonda, that defines the film. The way in which each different aspect of the court case is re-evaluated is film heaven but also a hard hitter when reflecting on the seriousness that the film makes about judicial systems and the responsibility of juries to make thorough rational decisions.

If you had told me before the film that it was as near as makes no difference one scene with 12 men conversing for 100 minutes (or whatever), i would have kindly asked you if we could watch Die Hard instead, but oh what an ignorant error that would have been. 12 Angry Men is magnificent.
One of the best old movies
Even being such an old movie..It never bores you...I loved the way the movie proceeds...It's got a good pace and actors played their roles effectively...This movie is one of those movies which proves that to make a good film you don't need to have large budgets or beautiful locations you just need a good script...This movie only had 12 characters and a courtroom to make to film it...and it s in itself a marvelous a achievement...The film grabs your attention from the start and makes you think how one person is gong to change the mind of 11 other people in such a short time and during this journey of manipulating minds there are sufficient amount of twists and clever inferences to find clues out of small details will just blow your mind...It is a must watch movie because of its intelligent script and great performance by all the cast...
The Best Courtroom-Drama Ever Made!
To Kill a Mockingbird garner the reputation as the best courtroom drama as it ranks the highest on most lists. It is a great film, I'll admit, but 12 Angry Men blows it out of the water. Funny thing is, this takes place in one room for 98% of the whole movie. There's about one minute in the actual courtroom in the beginning and one minute outside the building at the end. The rest is in the room where the jurors decide whether or not the defendant is guilty. When a movie takes place inside one room throughout the whole movie, the script has to be extremely strong and exciting. 12 Angry Men's script is those. It follows 12 very distinctive jurors who know that a Spanish-American youth murdered his father. All evidence gathered points to him, so all think that they can reach a guilty verdict right away. But Juror #8 (Fonda) is the only one that thinks the kid is innocent. One by one, Juror #8 convinces the eleven others that the young man is not guilty as they carefully analyze the evidence they were given. Each piece of evidence that is turned around is sheer genius and very thrilling. I actually consider this to be a courtroom- thriller because of how exciting it is. I found my heart rate rising at the site of each piece f the puzzle being put together. I could only imagine how this movie would have turned out if Alfred Hitchcock directed it. Fun fact: only two jurors' names are revealed at the very end, with the audience forgetting they do not know anybody else's names. Aside from this being very thrilling and educational, and having a great script and characters, it deals with themes of racism and family, as both play important roles on why the Jurors vote "guilty" in the first place.

Scale of 1-10: 11/10!
It's very interesting not boring good I like this film one of the best my favorite actors I like it very much sometimes, there are too much sf but it's okay love it. It's very interesting not boring good I like this film one of the best. My favorite actors I like it very much sometimes, there are too much sf but it's okay love it. It's very interesting not boring good I like this film one of the best. my favorite actors I like it very much sometimes, there are too much sf but it's okay love it. It's very interesting not boring good I like this film one of the best my favorite actors I like it very much sometimes, there are too much. sf but it's okay love it. It's very interesting not boring good I like this film one of the best. my favorite actors I like it very much sometimes, there are too much sf but it's okay love it.
12 Great Actors

12 Angry Men is one of a few films that take place in, essentially, one location. Such a story requires, first of all, an intriguing Script. Second, it requires great acting...and that is exactly what it has.

Certainly one of Fonda's best, 12 Angry Men earned every single one of its Oscar Nominations.

As this film is nearing fifty years old, it is slipping away from current audiences -- which is truly unfortunate. Anyone interested in court drama cannot miss this film. Furthermore, anyone who can appreciate a witty script with real characters and excellent verbal warfare will enjoy this film.
We Die, But Hey, They Feel Better About Being Rich
Spoilers Ahead:

First, like you, I adored this movie as a young man. What a deification of the jury system and how inside of every man is a hidden genius of reasoning. Well, after 40 years of philosophy, though this be voted to the back, I follow our credo: Speak the Truth even though it lead to your death. The scene that tells you all you need to know is the revelation that Cobb, Fonda's nemesis, is voting guilty because he wishes to revenge himself upon his estranged son. There is no reason within his arguments: he is just an executioner. Well, friends, in philosophy this is a logical fallacy called Ad Hominem: To The Person. If you cannot defeat someone's argument call them names or slander their character. See, inside of each one of us, including your author, are predilections to convict or acquit. Ergo, we can turn his argument right upon him with equal facility: Fonda's liberal guilt over his wealth causes him to release dangerous poor murderers, who kill people, so Henry can feel better about being wealthy in the midst of millions of poor and suffering people. This, by the way, is easier than doing the righteous thing and giving his wealth away to relieve the boundless suffering he beholds about him. This boy is his sacrificial lamb of atonement on the altar of his guilt.

The movie implies that those who wish to protect the innocent, not Fonda's words punish, no, we seek to save the blood of the innocent we stand in front of and answer to God for. The Ad Hominem logical fallacy, as we are trained to understand, is the last refuge of someone who cannot win an argument. The second premise of the movie is that no matter how overwhelming the mountain of evidence if we but took the requisite time, why it would fall apart like fall's leaves upon the ground. Trust me, if you are in a case like this and the evidence remotely approaches this level, you could ratiocinate over it until the end of our sun: he will still be guilty. You see the synthesis of the liberals Fonda and Lumet? All those who vote guilty are filled with personal demons, they are irrational: please, do not investigate our antithetical predilections to acquit! If the evidence be piled to Alpha Centauri, never mind, if we took the time we would find it is all erroneous. Look, I once thought as you do, it is only after decades of thought living as an ascetic philosopher ruminating over the movie, I see it, finally, as the liberal mind control it has always been.

Whatever you think of this review, when you are called for jury duty remember inclinations to acquit are just as strong as to convict. Think always of the helpless ones who stand behind you that count on you to be as dispassionate and objective as you can. If we eliminated everyone with bias, there would be no jury system. Those who believe in God, as I do, believe we answer to Him for our actions. When you hear the heartbreaking music that Lumet and Fonda play as the accused teenager sits there looking sad, remember the blood of the innocent victims that will be upon your hands. Look, I am sorry Fonda feels bad for being rich, there is such a simple solution; let go of your greed and give it to the poor. Do not put us in danger by brainwashing people into believing that those that wish to convict have private demons that bias us from being objective: how childish! As if we could not turn your argument, with equal adroitness, upon you.

Look, I know you will vote this to the back, who gives a crap? What I want you to do is think about what I have said to you when you are on a jury. That is why I wrote this, for the innocents who die so white, rich liberals do not have to give their money to the poor. He atones by releasing a token poor person, for his expiation, who cares how many of us die? Q.E.D.

And Jesus Said To Zacharias, "one thing more, give all that you have to the poor and follow me." Zacharius turned away and wept for he was a rich man.
A Classic not to be Missed
The plot of12 Angry Men revolves around the murder trail of a Latino boy who is accused of killing his father. The conviction of the boy would mean a death sentence and the destiny of the boy's life is in the hands of twelve male jurors of ranging personalities. The case seems open and shut with a murder weapon and several witnesses to place the boy at the scene of the crime. For eleven of the jurors the decision is apparent that the boy is guilty but for one juror, Mr. Davis (Henry Fonda), the boy's life should entail some discussion to eliminate any reasonable doubt the jurors may have. As the film progresses the personalities of the jurors become apparent and many underlying issues influence the guilty decision chosen by the majority of the jurors.

The underlying issues are the complexity of the personalities of the jurors and the reasons why they have the motivation to feel and act the way they do. As the case unfolds further, more is learned about each juror individually. The personalities range from being a short-tempered loud mouth to a straight- laced accountant who never breaks a sweat. As the movie progresses much more is learned of the characters that exposes the intricacy of human nature and people's different personality traits.

This film is an excellent example of movie making that does not require elaborate sets to entertain the viewer. The majority of the film takes place in a jury room with the men never leaving the room from their deliberation responsibilities. The cast and dialogue make this film memorable and the film has some clear moral issues that are addressed. The main issue is that not everything is as it seems. With further analysis the understanding of a situation becomes more concrete enabling the men to make a solid decision that affects a young man's life. 12 Angry Men is a classic film that should not be missed.
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