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Electronic, International
Biography Superfunk: Substantiating grand commands within the riskiest manipulations of styles like hip-hop, funk, and other crossbred fusions, Superfunk first appeared on the dance music scene due to their alliance with Sexy Kool on the single Bubble Boogie. Formed by Fafa Monteco, St├ęphane B, and Mike 303, the French trio started gaining some notoriety after the production of themes like "New Jersey," by then using the designation of Dealers of Funk. However, their solo work also contributed to their recognition. While Mike 303 created the track "Saint Silvestre" for a compilation on French logo Versatile, Monteco completed "Good Times" for Black Jack's catalogue. Remixing creations of artists such as Moby, Demon, and Shirley Bassey, before releasing the single "Come Back" on the compilation Fiat Lux Racing Team, they then signed on to Fiat Lux. Hold Up, their debut album, hit record stores in February 2000, giving them even more exposure and notability.
Get the Funk (single)
Get the Funk (single)
Tracks: 2
Year: 2010
Last Dance (Maxi)
Last Dance (Maxi)
Tracks: 3
Year: 2001
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