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Biography Rosey: Singer/songwriter Rosey has been surrounded by music since her early childhood and credits her big family for keeping the excitement alive. First, it was the Beatles. She found her parents' record collection around age seven and couldn't resist the infectious pop sounds of the Fab Four. By college, she was spinning world music at her college radio station and absorbing the vast selection of urban fusion. And through countless music industry jobs, Rosey found her calling. She packed her bags and left New York for San Francisco in the late '90s. There, she formed a band and molded into a soulful, blues-tinged songstress. Her big break came when her sultry song "Love" appeared in the 2001 film Bridget Jones's Diary. Several months later, "Afterlife" was showcased in the Farrelly Brothers comedy Shallow Hal. In June 2002, Rosey made her debut with the studio full-length Dirty Child. That summer she toured with Meredith Brooks and Melissa Etheridge in support of the album.
Luckiest Girl
Luckiest Girl
Tracks: 12
Year: 2008
Bennys Back
Bennys Back
Tracks: 2
Year: 2007
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